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2023 PiXeL Paradise USA Light Show

Meet PiXeL Paradise USA

At PiXeL Paradise USA, our team is passionate about the holiday lighting hobby. Located in St. Paul Minnesota and backed by the fantastic lighting enthusiasts within the Midwest region, we are dedicated to giving our customers new and exciting products. We are continually growing, with our focus on providing our customers with a convenient “one-stop-shop” experience with products and resources that will set your holiday light display apart from the others! We understand there’s more to the hobby than buying and selling lighting products. Our focus is on fun, learning, and creating a beautiful and unique display for your viewers. We’re more than just lights. We are PiXeL Paradise USA.

Why Us?

We understand you can find bargain pixels just about anywhere. At PiXeL Paradise USA our focus is on you, the customer.  We source all of our pixels from one of the few pixel manufacturers that have a reputation and commitment for quality. Your pixels are “burned-in” to check for reliability before they ever become a part of your light show. We offer a full money back guarantee for all items within their warranty period, no questions asked. We trust our fellow light show enthusiasts, and we know the importance of maintaining a great relationship with our customers, not just selling you a product.  Dave and Jeremy are both lighting fanatics and are proud to have our own displays located in the Twin Cities, come check us out sometime!

Px35 D transparent 300

Dave Mills 

I like Christmas Lights. A lot. When I’m not flying airplanes or chasing my son or daughter around, my wife and I enjoy pushing pixels on our patio and thinking of new ways to spend money on our light show. 🤣 I have a passion for a “clean-looking” installation – most of my inspiration comes form my graphic design background mixed with the reality of living in a nice neighborhood with an HOA. I enjoy the design, layout, and building aspects of our show. But the most enjoyable part is getting to share it with our close friends and neighbors. 

PiXeL Paradise USA, Lakeville MN

Vanessa Mills Pixel Paradise USA

Vanessa Mills 


My husband talked me into this.

PiXeL Paradise USA, Lakeville MN

Darren Hedlund Pixel Paradise USA

Darren Hedlund 

Tech gadget junkie. I’ve been designing pixel controllers for years. Started my lighting display in 2018. I have a huge passion for making things go blinky blinky. Big into A.I.

Aspen Lights, Carver MN