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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Play! 3 USB Sound Card

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An absolute must for all residential light shows!

Simply plug the Play! 3 into the USB output on your PC or Pi then plug your FM transmitter into the Speaker Output of the Play! 3 to broadcast your audio to a tunable FM radio station, with exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio in a compact external sound card. Also comes with a microphone input jack, to allow live communication to your listeners. This can be helpful to address issues that may arise from rude or inconsiderate behavior without having to shut down your show.

The Play! 3 comes with software compatible for Windows and Mac, however it is recommended to ensure the “EQ Boost” and “3D Sound” settings are disabled when transmitting audio over FM frequency to avoid audio distortion.

Additionally, it is recommended to process your audio files using free Audacity software to pull-down lower band “bass” frequencies, which can sound distorted during transmission (Effect>Graphic EQ). MP3Gain software is also recommended to normalize your library of audio files to a specified peak (96-97 dB) to remove clipping and create consistency throughout your show, without re-compressing the audio file. Remember, “Garbage-In, Garbage-Out”.

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