NEW! SUPER Power T Injection Splitter – 3-2-2-3 xConnect *Exclusive Design


NEW in 2024! A PiXeLParadise exclusive product!

This new “Super” T allows you to daisy chain xConnect extensions between each power balance junction. Simply add a regular Power T on pixel #1, then add a Super T between pixel #400 and #401 (ex.) – Now you can carry the 12v signal from a single controller port to pixel #1, pixel #400 and down to pixel #800 by just adding these T’s and two xConnect extensions between them and your last pixel’s female end! No soldering required!

“Power Balancing”/ “Power Injection” made easy! Not just for you 5V peeps, power balancing can reduce uneven load on your pixel strands and also reduce the amount of controller ports used in your display- making you get the most out of your controller boxes.

No splicing required! The 2-pin V+/- male and female pigtails will connect directly to your 3-pin xConnect extension cord or female pigtail at the end of your strand, to boost your 12V signal to where your pixels need it most.

Fantastic for reducing the # of ports for your megatree or matrix! Just slip this in between the the controller pigtail and beginning “up” strand and plug into the bottom of your end “down” strand!  Add between long runs greater than 250 pixels on high density props to ensure proper voltage and colors throughout each pixel.

*NO ONE ELSE CARRIES THIS DESIGN* This 2-pin V+/- is specifically made to work with xConnect pixel strands and xConnect extension cords, not a generic “centered” 2-pin placement. Shortened 3-pin “data” connectors, and lengthened 2-pin “power” connectors.

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Waterproof Protection


Wire Information

18 AWG Gauge


1 – 3-pin xConnect Male

1 – 3-pin xConnect Female

1 – 2-pin xConnect Male (V+/- Only)

1 – 2-pin xConnect Female (V+/- Only)


2 years


CE and RoHS

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 1 in


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