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SD 12V WS2815 5 Meter (16 ft) LED Strips IP68 (xConnect)

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All strips are now WS2815 protocol NOT WS2811.

These are more expensive but here’s why: basic (cheaper) WS2811 are not entirely individually addressable. There is only one controller chip for every 3 led nodes, so individual pixel effects will translate into 3 LEDs (all three pixels behave identically). With WS2815 each node gets its own controller, meaning a more accurate display from xLights effects (matrix singing faces, snowflakes, images, etc). Another added advantage of WS2815 is the ability for the strip to be cut at every LED, allowing you to get a more precise length for your house outline or prop (spiral trees). Basic WS2811 strips can only be cut every 3 LEDs, or about every 4”. Finally WS2815 includes a backup data channel. This means, in the event of a LED controller failure or a PCB failure on the data channel, the secondary data channel will carry the signal to the adjacent node. If one goes out, the others will stay lit. However it is possible that damage to the PCB can still cause a complete failure to occur. Be nice to your strips!

Why our strips? All of our strips are RGB color order. Others will sell you a GRB, or GBR which requires you to manually set the color order in your controller settings. Not a huge deal, until you lose your controller settings or maybe move your prop to a new layout. You’ll never need to guess with ours. Our strips are IP68 waterproof rated. Don’t be fooled by the look-alike IP67 strips that come in a HOLLOW jacket. These will fail, as any small cut in the jacket will allow water egress. Finally, our come factory pre-soldered with xConnect pigtails. Save yourself the hassle and the potential failures from doing this yourself.

White PCB – Perfect for creating 16′ GATOR mega trees and IGLOW arches!

12V WS2815 IP68 Waterproof Silicone-Filled LED Pixel Strip 30 LEDs/ Meter – 90 Total LED’s. Approximate spacing between each LED = 1-1/4″ – “SD”

*It is recommended to use a Brightness setting of 70%-100%, and a Gamma setting of 2.5-3.0 for optimal color quality.

Allow 3-5 business days for delivery.

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Input Voltage

DC 12V

Max Power

7.2 Watts/Meter, 36 Watts/Roll

LED Count

150 Total LED’s per strip

SD (30 LED’s per Meter)

Waterproof Protection

IP68 (Silicone-Filled Sleeve)

Additional Information

Overall Length ~ 16’4″ ft

1-1/4″ Spacing Between LEDs

WS2815 – 1 LED = 1 Pixel


8″ xConnect Lead

PCB Color



6 Months


CE and RoHS

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × .75 in


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