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GATOR 32 Mega Tree Topper for 1/2″ EMT

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A Pixel Paradise Original!

The GATOR™️ 32 Mega Tree Topper is the most affordable topper on the market! Instead of using mega tree strips that hold bullet nodes, the GATOR 32 uses a 1/2″ EMT framework, which then provides support for LED strips. There are many advantages to using this topper. Unlike typical steel toppers with mega tree strips, the weight of the pixels is not at all put on the topper itself. This makes the entire structure much more rigid and stable than a traditional mega tree using strips. You will not get movement with wind gusts, or sagging throughout the season.

Best of all, no mega tree strips to purchase or push pixels into! Your local hardware store will supply the 1/2″ EMT in 10′ lengths. This makes a perfect 10′-12′ Mega Tree! Simply attach the EMT tubing from your base ring (highly recommend sourcing from a local marketplace used trampoline) and to the GATOR 32 topper itself, then just zip tie your LED strips! At the end of the season, remove each EMT pipe and leave the strip in place to make next year’s setup even faster!

The center cutout on the GATOR is for a 3/4″ steel/galvanized pipe. Your center pipe can (should!) be larger, just use a 3/4″ reducing coupling to attach the 3/4″ pipe for your topper and star!

Works great with our custom length 3 Meter LED strips or go big with the standard 5 Meter strips!

Allow 3-5 business days for delivery.

Installation instructions can be found HERE

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