Pixel Paradise iglow Hub for 1″ PEX


A Pixel Paradise Original!

This iglow™️ hub allows you to connect 12 individual – 1″ diameter PEX tubes + IP68 LED smart strips to create a jaw-dropping massive igloo prop, using simple xlights arch mappings for all 6 concentric arches (+2 for the doorway).

Just cut your straight PEX tubing (DO NOT USE COILED PEX) into 12, equal-length pieces (5′ or 8’2″ recommended) and slide a smart LED strip through each tube and through the hub, then simply nail rebar or ground stakes along each arch end to flex and form your iGlow™️ base. Don’t forget to add a couple additional smaller arches to make an igloo door! *We recommend using Arch Bases to secure your PEX tubing at each end, to reduce stress on the LED strip itself.

Also available as a kit, to include 12 Qty  1″ PEX bases to secure your iglow easily to the ground- and provide protection for your LED strips. ***HIGHLY RECOMMENED***

DO NOT use the iglow hub to create a sphere. We recommend using the Glowbe hubs you can purchase here for making a sphere.

Removable cap to allow easy feeding of the strips from one end to the other.

Works great with our custom length 3 Meter LED strips (5′ lengths ot PEX – 10′ arch/3’6″‘ tall/6’6″ diameter) or go big with the standard 5 Meter strips (8’2″ lengths of PEX, 16’6″ arch/5’5″ tall/11’ diameter)!

Allow 3-5 business days for delivery.
*Default color is translucent white.

Installation instructions can be found HERE


Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in

Hub ONLY, Hub + 12x Ground Mounts


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