5V LED Medium Snowflake Double-Sided with xConnect



These all-in-one LED snowflakes are a revolutionary new product to add to your lightshow display! No pixels to push! No wire-mess! These PCB snowflakes come double-sided, sealed in a watertight coating, and come with a hardwired xConnect power T for easy modular connectivity. Compatible with xLights, these are perfect for commercial and residential displays! The .xmodel file will be sent to you once checkout is complete.

96 individual pixel nodes controls both front and back facing LED’s, for a total of 192 LED’s per snowflake. For falcon users, you can use up to 6 snowflakes per controller port @ 40 FPS* or 11 flakes @ 20 FPS.  For FPP-based board such as Kulp, you can use up to 7 snowflakes per controller port @ 40 FPS* or 12 flakes @ 20 FPS. *40 FPS limited to a maximum of 640px/700px respectively.

*Cheaper and more visually appealing from all sides than 196 traditional “bullet” pixels + coro + modular power T connectors. It is also much more lightweight, requiring less support for daisy chaining longer runs.

A 12v-to-5v voltage regulator is being developed at this time and can be easily added to your order before preorders are shipped. The price will be around $20 for the 12v regulator.

Designed and developed by Lucas Sloan

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Input Voltage


Max Power

14.25 Watts Per flake

LED Count

192 LED (96 Programmable Pixels)

Waterproof Protection


Additional Information

Included pigtail with voltage passthrough

SK6805 (Fully compatible with WS-XXXX)


5″ xConnect Lead

PCB Color



1 Year

Length of Snowflake


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × .5 in


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